Corona Travel Advice
Travel prapared during the COVID-19 situation


Federal Foreign Office: Coronavirus and entry restrictions: 6 things travellers to Germany need to know

Fedral Ministry of Transport: Information on coronavirus/international transport operations.

Latest update 14-5-2020:

Detailed information on coronavirus can be found on the web pages of the Federal Ministry of Health (in German) and the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community (in German).

  • Carriers that transport passengers from China, Iran, Italy, Japan or South Korea to Germany via airplane, ship, train or bus have to hand out the following leaflet to their passengers which contains instructions for disease prevention and measures to be taken in case of symptoms of illness: (in German)
  • The same applies to all operators of airports, ports, passenger stations and bus and coach terminals.
  • For flights from Iran, Italy, Japan, South Korea or China, pilots-in-command must hand over the health part of the aircraft general declaration to the authorities.
  • Passengers travelling to Germany from Iran, Italy, Japan or South Korea via airplane or ship have to provide details on the flight/voyage and on how they can be contacted within a period of 30 days after arrival before leaving the plane/ship. This is done by means of a passenger locator card:
  • Passengers travelling from China to Germany have to provide additional details on their place of stay in China, contact persons and state of health. For this purpose, the following passenger locator card has to be filled in: (in German)
  • For flights and voyages from Iran, Italy, Japan, South Korea and China to Germany, air carriers, shipowners, charterers and all other persons that are responsible for the operation of a ship must keep the data available for a period of up to 30 days.

In accordance with the IHR Implementation Act, the order is issued by the Federal Ministry of Health and published by Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

For rail travellers, the following General Decree issued by the Federal Police applies in addition to the abovementioned requirements:

  • Railway undertakings in the local public and regional transport sector have to report suspected cases of COVID-19 infections immediately to the command, control, communication and information services (Führungs- und Lagedienst) at the Federal Police. Contact details and information on how to structure the report are listed in the General Decree (in German).
  • In case of a suspected infection, passengers on the train in question have to fill in the passenger locator card for rail transport (in German). In that case, these cards will be handed out to the passengers.