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As mental distress rises health services are falling behind - opinion


while attention was focused on coronavirus departments and on vaccinations, one aspect of the epidemic remained at the margins of public attention: mental health.

G7 to donate 1 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses


G7 leaders meeting in Britain will also endorse US President Joe Biden's proposal for a global minimum tax of at least 15% on corporations

Israeli oral COVID-19 vaccine en route to clinical trials


Unlike the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines that use messenger RNA, this is an oral subunit vaccine, meaning the vaccine presents the antigen to the immune system without introducing pathogen particles.

COVID-19 vaccine success kicks off mRNA revolution


HEALTH AFFAIRS: After its COVID success, researchers say the possibility for preventing other diseases are endless.

Israeli experts find possible key to avoid immune system’s ‘overreaction’


An “overreaction” of the immune system, the so-called “Cytokine storm” has also been one of the causes of severe disease or death in many coronavirus patients.

Coronavirus: T-cell memory may ensure immunity after antibodies are gone


T cell memory represents a fundamental factor in the immunity against the virus and may be able to ensure protection after the antibodies are gone.